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Why Do We Have Museums?

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This Why Do We Have Museums? instructional video also includes:

How did the tradition of collecting and displaying interesting items to the public begin? How have museums evolved over time? Offer your young historians a fascinating look into a cultural pastime we so often take for granted in the modern world, and offer them insight that they will forever carry with them in museum visits to come. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • This is a fantastic way to kick-start a museum project in your social studies class, in which class members curate and construct their own museum galleries and artifacts based on the historical period you are studying
  • Have pupils watch the video as homework or as part of a flipped classroom assignment, and choose one portion to research a bit more in depth. Then, they can report back to the class in order to offer a more comprehensive historical context
  • Cartoon animations help engage viewers
  • Well-organized, chronological script
  • You can customize the assessment and additional resources on the TedEd website
  • None