Why Do Animals Have Such Different Lifespans?

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Is it true that larger animals have longer lifespans than smaller animals? Does an animal's habitat help shape the length of its life? And does the ability to adapt and evolve allow living things to expand their lifespans? Watch a video that explains how a combination of these factors contributes to an animal's lifespan.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have groups research the lifespans of vertebrates and invertebrates, mammals, reptiles, marine animals, etc., and then compare and contrast them to one another
  • Flip the lesson having pupils watch the video and complete the quiz outside of class, coming to school the next day for a deeper exploration of the topic
Classroom Considerations

  • Best suited for a middle or high school life sciences courses that are studying animal classification or habitats

  • Animations are supportive of the presentation
  • Comes with a quiz, links for researching, and a set of discussion questions

  • None