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Why All the Wiggling on the Way Up? CO2 in the Atmosphere

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The climate change debate, in the political arena, is currently a hot topic! Learners explore carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere and what this means for the future in the 11th installment of 12. Through an analysis of carbon dioxide data collected throughout the US, participants see how plants growing and dying affect these levels, how the burning of fossil fuels also changes them, and the effects of too much carbon dioxide on forests. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Lesson is chunked nicely so check in with everyone at the end of every portion to make sure classes are moving forward with all of the correct information
Classroom Considerations
  • The article might be too difficult for some fifth and sixth graders; if so, highlight what is important and read those topics aloud in class
  • Activity should take two class periods
  • The activity offers scholars choices in the lesson, which increases their engagement 
  • Lesson provides rubric, graphs, worksheets, and article
  • None
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