Whole Number Multiplication: Multiplication Map

How many miles did a car travel if it traveled at 55mph for three hours? What are the factors for this multiplication sentence? These are the questions young mathematicians must solve using a multiplication map.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas

  • Use the interactive as an instructional tool or give for learners to practice on their own 
  • Assign the resource through Google Classroom or create a class within CK-12 in order to keep track of student progress
Classroom Considerations

  • The number line value starts at zero on the right and goes to the left as it increases in value
  • Give paper for learners to problem solve when necessary
  • Some questions have more than one answer
  • Ensure all users have free CK-12 accounts setup to access the interactive
  • Assumes pupils can multiply large two-digit numbers by a single-digit number

  • Allows pupils to manipulate the values and tools in the interactive throughout each question

  • None
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