Whole Number Exponents: Teddy Bear Box

Five questions—multiple-choice, fill in the blank, and discussion—make up an interactive that challenges scholars to mail a teddy bear using the smallest box possible without squishing it. A box with movable sides allows mathematicians to estimate the measurements based on the size of a teddy bear picture. The tool and measurements are used to answer problems.  

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Assign the link as practice after reviewing material in class during math whole-class or small group instruction 
  • After each learner has had the chance to complete the interactive, go through it as a class
  • Bring in a box and teddy bear for pupils to hold and manipulate in addition to moving the box in the interactive 
Classroom Considerations
  • A free CK-12 account must be made to access the interactive 
  • Remind participants to reset the box after each question
  • If an incorrect response is chosen, the correct answer is given 
  • Participants may learn more about the concept by clicking an easy-to-find link 
  • The bear does not move