Who’s on Top?

What's it like to climb Mount Everest? An educational resource encourages an in-depth knowledge of Mount Everest's scientific missions through a variety of activities, including an analysis of maps, a KWL chart, videos, a simulation, and worksheets.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Supply the transcript for each video to differentiate for English learners
  • Put pupils into the same groups for all four activities to encourage teamwork
Classroom Considerations
  • You need to provide certain materials, including markers, chart paper, maps, computer access, and more
  • May wish to create activities for building new vocabulary depending on your individual classroom
  • Includes ideas to extend learning even further
  • Reinforces learning through a worksheet and crossword puzzle
  • Makes learning more meaningful by putting the class in the climber's shoes
  • None
Common Core