Lesson Plan

Where I'm From: Symbolism in Paint and Poetry

This Where I'm From: Symbolism in Paint and Poetry lesson plan also includes:

After a review of symbolism, class members use the provided worksheet to first list the objects they observe in Arnold Mesches' painting "Coney Island" and then suggest possible symbolic meanings for each of the objects. A second activity has participants repeating the process with objects and images mentioned in George Ella Lyon's poem before they compare and contrast the symbols both use to represent a place of importance. Finally, individuals create their own "Where I'm From" poem that includes objects and images of significance.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Post the class members' poems on a "Where I'm From" themed wall
  • Coordinate the lesson with a member of the art department
Classroom Considerations
  • Share with students the links to background information about Coney Island and Mesches
  • Includes a vocabulary list of words from the poem
  • None