Where Have All the Glaciers Gone?

This Where Have All the Glaciers Gone? lesson plan also includes:

What happens when ice melts? Well ... water happens. When that melting ice is a glacier, the amount of water that results produces change throughout the world. Middle school science sleuths uncover the truth about global warming, the changes we've seen already, and what the future may hold for Arctic organisms. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the photo cubes described in the lesson to help illustrate the impact climate change is having on glaciers
  • Give learners the option to work alone or in pairs
Classroom Considerations
  • Preface the in-class discussion by reminding pupils that opinions will vary in regards to a situation being positive or negative; ask that speakers offer insight as to why they feel they way they do
  • Plan time in the computer lab to complete the research portion of the lesson
  • Third installment of a six-part series
  • Teacher's guide includes worksheet and answers to research questions, plus instructions for creating photo cubes
  • Both the worksheet questions and background information illustrate a variety of facts and circumstances that have resulted from rising temperatures
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