Where Do Genes Come From?

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No, you didn't get your genes from the local clothing store. Learn where they really come from by watching this video as it explores how the genes found in all plants and animals today have arisen over billions of years of mutations from the earliest forms of life on Earth.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Supplement this video into a biology unit on genetics, heredity, and/or evolution
  • If watching this video as a class, use the assessment questions to guide a follow-up discussion
  • Use this resource in your flipped classroom as a homework assignment during a biology unit on genetics
Classroom Considerations
  • Prior knowledge about the structure of DNA is necessary for understanding this video
  • Animations and visual models are used to both engage and support students with understanding the content of the video
  • Video uses multiple examples to clearly explain the role genes play in living organisms
  • An assessment is included with five multiple choice and three free-response questions
  • None