What's the Difference between a Solar and Lunar Eclipse?

Is your class in the dark about what happens during solar and lunar eclipses? Help them see the light using a fun physics video! The narrator explains and illustrates both types of eclipse, then offers three handy methods for remembering what happens during each type.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use the video to sum up a unit on moon phases and eclipses
  • Pause the video and ask the class to create a hypothesis about why lunar eclipses are not exactly six months apart
Classroom Considerations

  • Students should have a basic understanding of the earth-moon-sun system before watching the video

  • The explanations of each phenomenon are easy to understand 
  • Acronyms help viewers remember the order of the earth, sun, and moon in both types of eclipses

  • None
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