Lesson Plan

What Was Everyday Life like in Colonial Virginia?

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What was everyday life like in Colonial Virginia? To find the answer cooperative groups work collaboratively to read an informational handout and complete a graphic organizer. The speaker of the group then shares their new-found knowledge with the rest of the class as they fill in their organizer with facts.  

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Post the question from step five on a classroom blog—direct learners to answer the question thoroughly, either at the end of the period or at home 
  • Create a Colonial Virginia-themed bulletin board that displays the lesson's handouts 
  • Make groups based on reading level—roam and assist groups that require more support 
Classroom Considerations
  • Five handouts plus a page of background information needs to be printed prior to starting the lesson 
  • Includes cooperative learning strategies 
  • A list of helpful resources is provided 
  • The plan is laid out in five steps
  • None