What’s Up with Matter?

This What’s Up with Matter? unit also includes:

Take a "conservative" approach to planning your next unit on mass and matter! What better way to answer "But where did the gas go?" than with a lab designed to promote good report writing, research skills, and detailed observation. The well-rounded resource comes complete with printable materials and helpful video links, all in the spirit of developing an understanding of the conservation of mass.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • A common misconception about gases is that they "disappear" when they form, which goes against the Conservation of Mass; meet this head-on by showing a video in which a flammable gas is produced and then ignited
Classroom Considerations

  • Schedule time in your school's computer lab or library to facilitate student research
  • Some aspects of the lesson may require less time, which could affect the recommended pacing 

  • The Belly Blues antacid lab is complete with a research component, which gives an added "grown up" dimension to student work
  • Framework includes printable lab reports and a good variety of video resources

  • None