What Is Weight Bias?

New Review

After setting rules and expectations to create a safe place to share thoughts and feelings, scholars define the terms; stereotype, basis, and discrimination. Using a web brainstorm, learners list words associated with overweight and obese, leading them into a discussion on weight bias. Pupils reflect on what they've heard, seen, or experienced, then brainstorm and share ways to eliminate or reduce weight bias.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Post discussion guidelines on chart paper and display it as a reminder 
  • Schedule group check-ins to see if their idea is going as planned, assist as needed
Classroom Considerations
  • The topic of weight, especially in this age group, may trigger emotions; take note of how pupils interact and respond during the lesson
  • Requires internet access and projection for the videos
  • The article may be displayed or copied for each participant
  • The lesson comes with several additional resources
  • Includes talking points and example responses 
  • None
Common Core