What is Theater? Crash Course Theater #1

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For thousands of years, the dramatic arts played an important role in civilization. The first episode of Crash Course Theater, a high-quality video series, defines and gives a brief overview of the topic. From explaining the difference between theatre and theater to describing the use of human and non-human actors, the video provides a broad overview of the components of early drama.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Create guided notes for learners to fill in as they watch the video to help them remember key pieces of information
  • Have scholars craft their own definitions of the term theater either individually or in pairs
Classroom Considerations

  • Save the playlist to a YouTube account for easy access

  • An energetic, humorous speaker makes the content more engaging
  • On-screen text and images support key points

  • Moves through a lot of information very quickly
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