What Is The Natural Greenhouse Effect?

The Greenhouse Effect is a big part of why Earth is able to sustain life. But, how much is too much? In part two of an eight-part series about the carbon cycle, environmental scholars learn how the natural Greenhouse Effect keeps us warm ... but the added greenhouse gases produced by burning fossil fuels is slowly but surely trapping too much heat. Clear narration and easy-to-follow animated sequences explain the effect perfectly.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use a terrarium to illustrate the Greenhouse Effect
  • Prior to showing the video, have the class conduct research and find evidence of global warming throughout the world
Classroom Considerations

  • Pupils should have an understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum, properties of gases, and Earth's atmosphere

  • The resource works well as a stand-alone activity or when partnered with the next video in the series, which describes evidence of increased levels of greenhouse gases
  • Environmental science students gain an understanding of how human actions are changing climate

  • None