What is Sexuality?

Set the record straight with a series of health-related lessons that discuss human sexuality. Over the course of 11 group and individual activities, learners discover biological, emotional, and social facts about sexuality. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Include in a health class during a unit on human sexuality
  • Consider assigning some of the reading as independent practice to provide prior knowledge and avoid unnecessary awkwardness during class discussions
Classroom Considerations

  • Be sure that class members can have an open and mature discussion on a sensitive topic
  • Broaches topics of rape and incest
  • Prompts learners to use proper anatomical terms instead of common slang language
  • The last two lessons address myths surrounding the homosexual community, but do not offer any advice or guidance for homosexual students in the class
  • Make sure to obtain any necessary permission from parents before beginning the lesson
  • Part of a longer unit that focuses on the emotional well-being of developing teenagers; the next lesson focuses on sexual health

  • Differentiates between intimacy, sensuality, and sexual health and reproduction
  • Debunks common myths about sexuality, pregnancy, and sexual health