What is GIS?

Is GIS the real manifestation of Harry Potter's Marauders Map? Introduce your class to the history of geographic information systems (GIS), the technology that allows for easy use of spatial information, with a resource that teaches pupils how to use maps and reinforces their value, a great skill in today's digital age.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Brainstorm with the class specific technology maps that allow you to see where others are located
  • Research to find local GIS datasets to share
Classroom Considerations
  • If you are going to use a magic map, you need to set it up prior to class
  • Using the video What is GIS and How Can It Help Me? will add an hour to the lesson
  • The first in a series of nine resources that focus on geographic information systems (GIS)
  • The Introduction/Motivation section gives the teacher suggestions of actions to incorporate to engage the class
  • The lesson summary has the key points that are on the quiz
  • Google Latitude is no longer available