Lesson Plan

What Is Extremism?

This What Is Extremism? lesson plan also includes:

By participating in discussions using prompts and statements provided in the lesson plan, learners identify the concept of extremism and consider what causes violent acts of extremism in the modern world. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Consider discussing some of the lesson concepts within the format of a Socratic seminar, through which you can set clear expectations for respectful, thoughtful participation
Classroom Considerations
  • The resource presents a list of extremist acts in the world from 2005 and 2008. There are several more recent events in the world that you may want to reference to encourage a more relevant and engaged discussion
  • This resource is part of a twelve-lesson series exploring the concept of culture and how our cultural conceptions are formed
  • All activity materials included
  • Relevant and engaging subject matter
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