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What Gives a Dollar Bill Its Value?

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What makes a one hundred-dollar bill valuable? Here is an excellent, straight-forward animated video to help your learners grasp the concept of inflation and the purpose and policies of the Federal Reserve System.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Write vocabulary terms mentioned in the video on separate cards, and then after watching the video, ask for volunteers to choose two to three of the cards and explain how they are related to each other
  • After watching the video and studying the concepts in greater depth, have learners reflect on the significance of the Federal Reserve System and how their decisions affect the lives of individuals on an everyday basis
Classroom Considerations
  • Consider pausing the video at appropriate intervals to reiterate what has been explained, and to discuss more examples of the economic concepts being discused
  • Reviews a variety of terms related to economics, including overconsumption, unemployment, the Fed, hoarding, inflation, and deflation
  • Offers excellent comparison of inflation and deflation
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