What Causes Wind?

This What Causes Wind? lesson plan also includes:

Through watching several classic air pressure demonstrations, middle schoolers determine that high pressure areas move toward lower pressure areas, heated air causes a drop in pressure, and forces exist when pressures are unequal. By combining a reading passage with what they learned from the demonstration, individuals make the connection of differences in air pressures and wind. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have the class watch the weather and determine if the winds are blowing in the expected direction based upon pressures
  • Show that air has weight by weighing a deflated ball and the same ball filled with air
Classroom Considerations

  • Many materials are needed in order to perform the demonstrations
  • If building the optional barometer, it will need to be placed for several days in order to see changes
  • Fourth of a 19-part series

  • The lesson includes an extension activity of building a hot air balloon
  • The class is involved in multiple learning methods throughout the lesson

  • None