Weekly Lesson Planning Template

This Weekly Lesson Planning Template printable & template also includes:

You'll feel prepared and ready to begin your school week when you've considered the progression of your lessons on an hourly and day-to-day basis. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Change the period numbers to time frames in order to plan your day according to this type of measurement
  • Make copies of the original spreadsheet worksheet in order to have planning templates for each new week of the school year
  • In order to avoid crowding the spreadsheet, include only the titles of the lessons/activities that you plan to use in your day, and then store the actual lessons in a separate folder with the appropriate titles
Classroom Considerations
  • Will require familiarity with some spreadsheet functions (i.e. how to move to the next line within a cell) in order to fully utilize resource
  • Helpful tips for how to edit the document are included by the creator
  • As a spreadsheet, easy to save and use year after year
  • None