Weed IPM

Go on a weed hunt! Scholars gain insight into the characteristics of plants and examine the outdoor environment in order to identify five different types of weeds. Learners then show what they know with a one-page reflection.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Invite an environmental enthusiast to speak to the class about plants, flowers, and weeds
  • Encourage learners to help their parents and guardians in the garden by pulling weeds 
  • Use page 11 as an assessment, assign the page and review answers to observe comprehension and reinforce the concepts
Classroom Considerations
  • The lesson is the third of four resources in a pest-management series created to inform learners of insects, weeds, and more 
  • Warn pupils to not use chemicals to remove weeds, instruct them to speak their parents or guardians about the best tactic and how to implement it safely
  • Includes real-world photographs of weeds, plants, and flowers 
  • Encourages class members to step outside and interact with nature 
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