Waterproof that Roof!

Stop the raindrops from getting into the house! Eager engineers learn about roofing history and waterproofing by nanotechnology. They get into groups and work on designing a waterproof roof for a small model house. The accompanying handout provides space for planning and critical analysis questions for follow-up. Miniature rain storms are sure to make a splash with your science or engineering class!

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Designed
  • Well-written student guide sheets keep groups on -task
  • Adaptable to the Common Core and designed for Next Generation Science Standards
  • Hands-on learning keeps brains engaged as well
  • Because of the amount of water involved in testing waterproofing, you may want to save this lesson for when the weather is pleasant enough to do it outdoors
  • Be aware that the reading material may not be suitable for younger learners, in which case, you can teach to their level