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Water and Solutions - for Dirty Laundry

The Earth is over 70% water and so are our bodies. What makes water so special? Learn about water and its properties as it relates to solutions, dilutions, electrolytes, and molarity.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Extend the lesson by having learners calculate sample dilution problems or in lab
  • Support vocabulary by placing new words on a word wall with definitions and examples 
  • Stop video frequently to discuss new words, concepts, and ideas; place learners with a partner or in small groups for discussion purposes
  • Soak dirty clothing in soap in a beaker and have learners explain how laundry soap removes stains
  • After the video, have learners explain why some stain removers have the prefix oxi- in their names
  • To assist English learners, post Spanish cognates on word wall, on front board, or in their notebooks
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires access to the Internet, a computer, and projection system
  • Learners must use newly acquired vocabulary in their discussions, in their notes, in their labs, and when sharing with the class
  • Video explains how and why solutions mix (or don't) and how stains are removed from clothes
  • The resource explains why sports drinks are called electrolytes — something most pupils recognize and likely drink 
  • Video moves quickly through some major concepts — solutions, dilutions, electrolytes, molarity, and molality; some pupils may have a hard time keeping up  
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