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Can a sponge cure cancer? Life science pupils visit the drugstore under the sea in the fifth lesson plan of six. Working groups research the topic then get hands-on experience by testing the inhibiting effects of several plant extracts on E. coli live cultures in the lab.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Create balanced groups for this activity, with a mixture of abilities, of two to four learners
  • Extend the lesson by assigning research projects regarding drugs derived from marine invertebrates 
Classroom Considerations

  • Lab experiment requires prior knowledge of agar preparation and assembly of Petri dishes with agar for testing purposes; increase the time allotted for this lesson for classes with little to no prior knowledge
  • Provide computers with Internet access to groups for research purposes

  • Procedure is detailed, but it provides clear evidence of inhibited bacterial growth via introduction of plant extracts
  • Plan includes a wealth of information and all printable materials
  • Multiple opportunities for extension from the basics found in the additional resources

  • None