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This Wad-a-Watershed lesson plan also includes:

What kind of impact do humans have on watersheds? Find out in a lesson that defines, explores, and promotes ways to protect our watersheds. The ultimate goal of the lesson is for learners to discover how a watershed is impacted by everyone living around it, and implement their newfound knowledge in ways to protect water supply.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Research the local watershed in your area and the geography of where the water comes from
  • Take the questions in the resource and put them in a worksheet for learners to answer as an exit ticket
Classroom Considerations
  • Best used in a unit on water or the water cycle
  • Comes with background information for teachers, a step-by-step plan, extensions activities, and related standards
  • Resource makes learning relevant by connecting the concept to a real-world experience
  • Does not come with any other supporting documents or materials