Volume and Surface Area of a Cylinder

This Volume and Surface Area of a Cylinder assessment also includes:

The measurements are all in the can. The review for the math portion of the General Certificate of Secondary Education assessments provides scholars the opportunity to review finding volume and surface area of a cylinder. Pupils work on straight volume and surface area problems along with finding volumes of composite figures that contain portions of cylinders.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Make the connection between finding the volume of a cylinder to finding the volume of a prism
  • Challenge the class to find the surface area of the composite figures in the worksheet
Classroom Considerations
  • Individuals need to know how to work with significant digits
  • Answer key shows the work necessary to arrive at the solution
  • Video demonstrates how to use a calculator to find the numerical solution
  • The accompanying video is only about surface area
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