Volume and Capacity

This Volume and Capacity lesson plan also includes:

Differentiated instruction through leveled learning contracts boosts scholars' knowledge of volume and capacity. Participants split into three groups based on ability and interest before choosing three activities from their learning contracts to complete. Stations bridge a connection between the use of scientific materials and creative assignments such as writing stories, plays, and letters. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Take pictures of learners working; print and display them on an informative bulletin board 
  • Direct class members to paste their contract and worksheets in their interactive science journal 
  • Give pupils the opportunity to share their creative work with their peers
Classroom Considerations

  • Be mindful of learners' allergies prior to bringing in any food or drinks 
  • Participants should have some knowledge of volume and capacity
  • Worksheets need to be printed and copied
  • A teacher's name is listed 

  • Colors signify different ability levels 
  • Lesson plans are written in detail 
  • An engaging hook grabs pupils' attention 

  • Worksheets' format is disorganized