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Volcanoes: Fourth Grade Lesson Plans and Activities

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Young geologists begin exploring volcanoes of different structures and states: active, extinct, or dormant. During the lab, they make three models and compare different types of volcanoes, including composite, cinder cone, and shield. The post-lab concludes with a video of the 1959-60 Kilauea eruption, and prompts learners to answer 54 questions based on information presented in the film.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Create and on-going word wall for vocabulary words presented in this lesson and the following ones; include words such as, active, ash, cinders, dormant, extinct, composite, pyroclastic, lava, shield volcano, magma, vent, and crater
Classroom Considerations
  • The first in a series of four lessons that makes up an entire unit in the plate tectonics cycle
  • Have class members refer to pages 2-3 in the workbook for this portion of the unit
  • Be sure to acquire all materials necessary for creating volcano models prior to teaching
  • Creating models of volcanoes is engaging and fascinating for pupils
  • The video in the post-lab section is not provided
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