Vocabulary Morphemic Elements: Meaningful Affixes

Invite your learners to figure out which affix and base word combinations create new words. This activity allows pupils to play around and create words that match certain meanings.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • The lesson implies that learners work with others to complete this activity, but it can be up to you whether you work on it as a class to begin with, or if pairs or small groups are more appropriate
  • Laminate all the cards and boards so that kids can practice with these materials time after time
Classroom Considerations

  • The final step listed is a peer evaluation, but there is not explanation on how this should be completed

  • All necessary materials are included (word and prefix cards, word meanings, boards for organizing, worksheets for recording)
  • Includes clear instructions and a diagram to support the directions

  • None
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