Vivaldi and The Four Seasons: Teacher Resource Kit

This Vivaldi and The Four Seasons: Teacher Resource Kit activity & project also includes:

New Review

Did you know that Vivaldi wrote "Winter," the final concerto of his The Four Seasons, in the key of F minor to echo the sleigh ride pieces popular at the time? A teacher resource kit, designed to support a study of the work, is packed with such interesting facts, engaging activities, and support materials.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Preview the kit to determine the activities and projects appropriate for your classroom
Classroom Considerations

  • The 29-page resource kit includes biographical information about Vivaldi, student activity sheets, and supplementary information on climate change
  • Designed to accompany the NAC Orchestra’s Canada Tour of October, 1999
  • Although designed for Canadian classrooms, the packet is appropriate for any study of Vivaldi
  • No link to the reference CD is provided

  • Includes the four sonnets Vivaldi wrote to accompany the music

  • None