Veteran's Day—Honoring All That Served

This Veteran's Day—Honoring All That Served unit also includes:

Looking for ideas on ways to recognize Veteran's Day? Check out this 92-page packet that includes exercises designed for all grade levels. Reading passages detail the history of the holiday, research projects get individuals involved in their local communities, and charts cause class members to reflect on the far reaching cost of military conflicts.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Most of the activities are appropriate for any grade level; therefore, peruse the entire packet for ideas appropriate to your teaching situation
  • Have high schoolers research and debate the current controversies centered on the VA benefits budget
Classroom Considerations
  • The casualty chart and the VA benefits charts are dated and need to be revised to include statistics gathered after 2008
  • The packet includes elementary and secondary lessons, activities, images, and reading resources for both instructors and pupils
  • While the packet is rich in resources, the plans are underdeveloped