Venn Diagram

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Compare and contrast just about anything with this handy graphic organizer. While it is the classic Venn diagram, there's something a little special about this particular resource: it's editable. That means you or your pupils can type in information right into the diagram. Or, if it works better for you, print it out and write in it. The blue shaded boxes will not show up when you print.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use this in a 1:1 classroom; each kid can type into their own graphic organizer
  • Project the diagram and type in rather than writing; the font is easy to read and shrinks down when you need more space
  • Fill it out as a class and then save and e-mail the edited document to your class; you can even post it on your class website
  • Print out the final class version have have learners use it as a reference tool
  • The organizer can be used in two different ways: you can write into it or type into it
  • None