Vacation or Conservation (Of Mass)

Does matter ever just go away? Find out with this entertaining video that dives into a sweet investigation that involves cake and sweet drinks! Super scientists gain insight about the physical changes from chemical reactions and conservation of mass.  

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Instructional Ideas

  • Bring in materials found in the video to conduct the same experiments the host does to provide a real life concrete example 
  • Flip your classroom; assign pupils to watch the video at home so they are prepared to apply what they learned in class  
  • Enjoy some sweet tea or lemonade as a result of the example experiments used in the video  
Classroom Considerations

  • This video is part of a series that explains matter; to see additional videos on the topic, follow the links that appear at the end of the video 

  • Information is presented verbally and visually, highlighting key details along the way
  • This video is highly engaging with eye-catching graphics, sound effects, cartoon characters, and age appropriate jokes 

  • The host is a fast talker; be sure to pause, replay, and check for understanding