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Using Linear Equations to Define Geometric Solids

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Making the transition from two-dimensional shapes to three-dimensional solids can be difficult for many geometry students. This comprehensive Common Core lesson plan starts with writing and graphing linear equations to define a bounded region and calculating the areas and perimeters of the space. Using this as a base, the lesson plan then has learners revolve these regions to create solid figures and calculate the resulting volume. A real-world example using a bowling ball and visualization software caps off this in-depth instruction.

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CCSS: Designed
  • Lesson tries to enhances learner's understanding by providing a variety of problems and approaches to address different learning modalities
  • Visual models help pupils progress from two-dimensional to three dimensional in a supported context
  • Lesson works toward a deep conceptual understanding of volume and how changes in radius effect it.
  • Designed for Common Core math standards
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