Lesson Plan

Useless Junk? or Made with a Purpose?

Demonstrate that all items (and people) have a purpose in God's plan with a Sunday School assignment. After examining seemingly useless items, such as bolts, paper clips, or batteries, kids fill in the blanks to express the item's purpose, other things it can be used for, and what makes it happy or sad.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have kids use the worksheet as a brainstorm for a short story
  • Tell kids to fill in the blanks about themselves after they finish their assignment about an object
  • A good prompt to reinforce personification
Classroom Considerations
  • Some objects are hard to see and decipher; consider bringing in your own objects or encourage kids to bring in their own
  • Comes with a list of Bible verses and concepts that further explore God's purpose for every person
  • None