Use It Safely!

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Campfires are not the only way that forest fires start. In a instructional activity and word matching activity, young campers learn about common fuel and heat sources that, when combined, can be the spark to a dangerous and harmful forest fire.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Take a safety walk around your school to find potential fire hazards, including dry grass and hot equipment
  • Encourage learners to write a short summary of what they have learned about fire safety
  • Assign the worksheet for homework to review your lesson on forest fire prevention
Classroom Considerations

  • Answer key is on the bottom of the second page; consider covering it up before handing out the worksheet to your class
  • Worksheet is designed for Oregon schools, but would work for any lesson on fire safety and forest fires

  • Provides two different ways for learners to demonstrate what they have learned
  • Comes with explanatory pictures

  • None