Up Close With a Zapotec Urn

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If a Zapotec urn, buried for over a thousand years in a temple in the lost city of Xoxocotlan in the Valley of Oaxaca in the mountains of southern Mexico could talk image the stories it could tell. That's the set up in a clever resource from the American Museum of Natural History. The questions the interviewer asks model the questions archaeologists ask to understand artifacts found as they excavate ruins.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Ask students to script an interview of one of their toys modeled on Lucy's questions, and post their script and a photo of the toy on the class webpage or blog
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires access to an internet connect computer
  • The resource is easy to navigate and requires no extra instruction
  • Links are provided to three related resources
  • The Menu tab lets users access hands-on activities, stories, videos, and games
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