Unit Plan

Unlocking and Exploring Folktales

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This Unlocking and Exploring Folktales unit plan also includes:

Designed with many of the Common Core standards in mind, this 10-lesson unit is brimming with ELL strategies, teacher's notes, and the best of core instructional methods for teaching the common elements of folktales, and exploring connections between folktales and the cultures from which they originate. 

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations
  • While the resource includes a multitude of suggested graphic organizers, you and your learners will need to recreate these, as they are not provided as worksheets
  • The first 20 pages of the resource are an introduction to the unit and teacher reference material
  • Exceptionally organized and produced
  • Detailed instructional sequencing
  • Excellent support for ELLs
  • None