Unit Plan

Unit 1: Water is Life: The Heart and Science Behind this Phrase

Water, water, everywhere — but will there be enough to drink? Check out these detailed lesson plans to meet NGSS water cycle and CCSS literacy standards in your science classroom. Learners do a close reading of a challenging, poetic text on water as a resource, with support of the lesson plan.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use a study guide for the video to help encourage class engagement
  • Preview video to determine if it is useful for your learners; there may be more engaging and shorter videos of the same content; on the other hand, using primary sources such as NASA is beneficial for many classes to experience even if the content is more dense
  • Other readings could also be substituted for the one mentioned in the lesson plan; the reading strategies suggested could be used with any number of readings
Classroom Considerations
  • Need Internet access and projection capabilities for the video
  • NGSS and CCSS-aligned
  • Resources from well-respected sources such as NASA, USGA, and Barbara Kingsolver
  • Includes many reading strategies
  • Material may not be inherently engaging for middle schoolers; NASA video is rather dry