Lesson Plan

Unemployment Data: Is the Economy Healthy?

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The United States will never see a time when the unemployment rate hits 0%. Why? Scholars research economic data to uncover clues hidden in the unemployment rate at any given time. A short video as well as research activities help individuals collect data on the overall health of the economy. They then draw conclusions based off of the data to provide analysis on how unemployment indicates economic growth and stability, or lack thereof. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Assign article on the unemployment rate since 1929 in the United States
  • Research the 2018 unemployment rate and analyze what it means for the economy going forward
Classroom Considerations
  • Video and quiz require online access if assigning as homework
  • Part of a larger Economic Data series
  • Visual activities aid differentiated instruction 
  • Teacher lesson plans provide detailed worksheets and assessments 
  • None