Understanding Electric Power Generation

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You mean the electricity does not come from the switch? As a class and in small groups, learners explore the sources of energy used to generate electric power. Worksheets guide groups into choosing a future electricity generating technology. This is lesson two in a 19-part series.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Record the ideas from the small groups and the class discussions
  • Have the class research the process of generating and transporting electrical energy
Classroom Considerations
  • Because most of the questions in this lesson do not have only one right answer, consideration needs to be made for those that struggle with not having the correct answer
  • Discussion can become noisy, so be sure each person has the opportunity to be heard
  • The extension provides a visual for how much carbon dioxide Americans produce
  • Student pages contain reading material to provide information about impacts on electricity generation
  • The PowerPoint in the first part is not available