Understanding Climate Change

The young scientists in your class will appreciate a resource about different elements of climate change. The packet includes factual materials, informational text, and clear visuals, perfect for sharing with your environmental science or earth science classes.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Form your unit on climate change based on the informational text, or use pieces of the packet to augment your existing unit
  • Have class members read selected parts of the packet for homework to prepare for class the next day
  • Encourage learners to conduct research on the most up-to-date studies on climate change
Classroom Considerations
  • The packet is long (123 pages) but contains lots a good information
  • Lessons were published in 2009 and don't reflect the most current information
  • Covers many aspects of climate change, including carbon emissions and weather anomolies
  • Includes a thorough explanation of the scientific method in the context of climate change
  • None
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