Turning Assets into Action in the Fight Against Hunger

How can one person change the world? Scholars research and analyze the topic of world hunger. Using video clips, parodies, and primary source evidence, they uncover a current campaign to end world hunger. Collaborative groups openly discuss how to get involved in using the assets they have at their disposal to join a cause and change the world. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Brainstorm with class to assess current campaigns in your school as well as the goals behind them
  • Lesson extension opportunity with activities and research on world hunger
Classroom Considerations
  • Keep construction paper, markers, and crayons in a central location in the classroom during the activity to ensure use by all 
  • Includes printable worksheets and materials for use in the classroom 
  • Provides differentiation of instruction with music, group work, and video clips 
  • None