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This trigonometry textbook takes the learner from a basic understanding of angles and triangles through the use of polar coordinates on the complex plane. Written by a mathematician-engineer, examples and problems here are used to emphasize the physical applications of trigonometry. Whether you are taking portions to supplement a trig unit in geometry or developing a new course, the emphasis on STEM in this text definitely brings to light some of the more underserved sides of trigonometry without neglecting the traditional theory and examples.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas

  • Consider using problems, diagrams, and examples from this text as homework or assessment material in your own trigonometry curriculum
  • Development of trigonometric function graphs from the unit circle in chapter 5 provides a unique insight and supplement to those learners who need a deeper understanding of where the graphs originated
  • A cross-curricular unit with the computer science department springs readily from the material in chapter 6, particularly the partial programs written in 6.3
Classroom Considerations

  • Chapters appear to be written at a more of a college reading level, which might require some comprehension support and explanation

  • Full text for an entire trigonometry course included
  • Focus on engineering and physical examples
  • Careful development of trigonometric functions and identities from ratios and basic principles
  • Inclusion of computer coding examples

  • Answer key only includes odd numbered problems and final values instead of worked solutions