Tragedy Lessons from Aristotle: Crash Course Theater #3

This Tragedy Lessons from Aristotle: Crash Course Theater #3 video also includes:

Guts! Gore! Murder! Human flaws! Aristotle considered all elements of a tragedy. Crash Course Theater's third video covers the Greek philosopher's views on the art form and also explains alternating perspectives on the topic. Engaging and fun, the video intersperses images of Greek paintings, humorous animations, and summaries of famous plays to keep your class captivated.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Read an excerpt from an ancient Greek tragedy and identify elements in the tragedy the video also discusses
  • Compare Aristotle's ideas on tragedies to those of Plato or Shakespeare
Classroom Considerations

  • The topic leads to some mature subjects, such as sexual relationships and graphic killings

  • Provides a critical analysis of Aristotle's thoughts on tragedies in theater

  • Narrator speaks quickly, making it difficult to process the information given; therefore, pause the video frequently to check for understanding
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