Toothbrush Measuring

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Ever wonder how many marshmallows long your toothbrush is? Well, you're in luck! This hands-on measurement activity requires young mathematicians to determine the length of their toothbrush using Unifix® cubes, buttons, Cheerios, bear counters, raisins, and yes, marshmallows. This fun activity would make a great addition to a primary grade math unit on measurement.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Create six stations around the classroom, one for each object, and allow students to rotate around to measure their toothbrushes
  • Following the activity, discuss the class' experiences with using the different objects to make measurements
Classroom Considerations
  • Activity requires that either students bring in their own toothbrushes or that the teacher provides the class with toothbrushes
  • A picture of each measurement unit is included to support students with completing the activity
  • None
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