Tone Worksheet 2

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The beauty of a poem is lost without an understanding of its tone. Middle schoolers connect author's purpose and word choice to four poems in a literary analysis activity, which prompts them to note each poem's tone and meaning.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Divide your class into small groups, and have them meet in four centers to discuss each poem before returning to their group in a jigsaw discussion
  • Use in a reading assessment or homework packet
Classroom Considerations
  • Some learners may require guidance through some interpretations
  • The second worksheet in a 6-part series focused on tone
  • Resource does not provide a lot of space for responses; have your class write their answers on another sheet of paper
  • Includes the works of Hilda Doolittle, Louisa Fletcher Tarkington, Harold Mono, and Paul Lawrence Dunbar
  • Provides definitions for several unfamiliar words
  • None