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Sometimes low, sometimes high, but always in motion! Explore Earth's tidal system in the 10th interactive in a series of 13. Engaging life and earth science students alike, the versatile resource demonstrates cause and effect between tide height, severe weather, and the organisms that survive in the intertidal zone. Individuals try their hand at predicting tides using multiple factors and exploring the use of tides as an alternative energy source.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Incorporate the resource into an animal adaptations unit for an in-depth look at the organisms that survive the ever-changing tides
  • Challenge the class to experiment with underwater turbine design to pull in the Next Generation Science Standards
Classroom Considerations
  • The interactive is designed for individual use but could be modified to a pairs activity
  • Consider printing the resource if individual computers are not available
  • The resource provides opportunities for many different extensions in both the life and Earth science classrooms
  • Included printable materials take the stress out of prep time
  • None