Through Robot Eyes

How do robots assist ocean explorers in collecting data and images? The final installment in a five-part series has science scholars examine underwater images collected by robots and identify the organisms shown. Groups then calculate the size of the organisms and how far they are from points in the image to gain understanding of the ocean ecosystem present.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Challenge groups to create a food web using the organisms they identify from the images
  • Have learners make inferences about the needs of the organisms based upon the depth of the water, salinity, density, and water temperature
Classroom Considerations
  • Uses trigonometry in some of the calculations on the student worksheet
  • Create groups of two to four pupils to complete the activities
  • Employs methods used by real ocean explorers when collecting and analyzing data from a new area
  • The teacher's guide comes complete with worksheets, answer keys, and tips to make the lesson run smoothly
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